In late summer the Belgian Mums add a touch of extra colour.

Belgian Mums is a trendy flower brand. These colourful Mum plants will definitely liven up your balcony, patio, terrace,…

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Enjoy the Indian Summer

The colourful Belgian Mums prolong the summer feeling. In return for a little water every other day, the ball-shaped chrysanthemums will show you their appreciation with an explosion of colours. Find out here how you can enjoy your  Belgian Mum to the fullest.

  • Large range of colours
  • 6 weeks of enjoyment
  • Low maintenance

The name is Mum...

‘Mum’ is the abbreviation of the English word ‘chrysanthemum’. ‘Belgian’ refers to the Belgian roots of the parent company Gediflora. The Belgian Mums brand is a golden combination of unique genetics, rigorous selection and daring creativity.

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It’s the 'open season' for colours !

Buy your colourful Mums from August until October in garden centres, supermarkets, flower shops and DIY outlets. Today it is not always possible to identify a Belgian Mum by its label or sleeve in the shops. So, ask the shop assistant for the Belgian Mums .