Revival of the chrysanthemum

The summer of 2018 was most definitely hot and humid. That is indisputable. But also the late summer –  or to put it in more trendier terms: the Indian summer – was blissful. As a result, autumn took a little longer to arrive than other years and this has allowed us to enjoy the colourful autumn plants on our  patio for longer than usual.


In an effort to introduce a younger generation to the world of chrysanthemums, we invited three Belgian bloggers in October for a guided tour and a photo shoot in our chrysanthemum fields at Gediflora. There is a lot to say and write about plants, but autumn plants always provide that little extra something in terms of atmosphere.


Zoë, from the Zolea blog, came along with her own 'Mum' to discover the Belgian Mums in all their splendour. She was amazed when she saw the different varieties and colours of the flowering ball-shaped chrysanthemums. Marlies, from the Sips&trips blog, chose three - appropriate -  Belgian fashion outfits for pictures to be taken in the multi-coloured flower fields. Laura, from the Essential Honesty blog, came along with her 4 month old daughter. Together they posed among the colourful Mums which were in full bloom. These three ladies are now firmly convinced that chrysanthemums are not at all dull and definitely deserve a place in our house or on our patio.


The revival of the chrysanthemum has begun and these three ladies were right in the first row.









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