Experiment with the colours and sizes!

As a stylist, Kirsten Blom helped to create the new look of the Belgian Mums brand during a professional photo shoot. “I love working with colours and shapes, they determine the atmosphere in an interior. It is not well known, but Belgian Mums are versatile in two ways. You can choose from an extensive colour palette, but the available sizes are also endless, going from very small to super large.”


"It’s a great product that is long flowering, produces an abundance of flowers and requires little maintenance.
During the photo shoot, I integrated pastel shades and vibrant bright colours of the Belgian Mums into a contemporary setting, for both interior and exterior display.” “The chrysanthemum has a symbolic value. These plants compensate for the part of nature that fades away slowly during autumn. The colourful, ball shaped plants bring a “yin-yang” balance into our lives. We often live in functional houses. A ball shaped element is softer, friendlier and makes your home and patio a little more cosy. Dare to use a flower pot that ‘matches’ with the colour of the plant or contrasts nicely with it. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles and colours of pots: square and round combined with the endless colours and sizes of the Belgian Mums. In short:
‘Be Mum, Be More’!”



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