"I love working with chrysanthemums"

Geert Pattyn | flower arranger from Geluwe


Geert Pattyn, freelance flower arranger from Geluwe, works with chrysanthemums for events, trade fairs and terrace decoration. “The ball-shaped chrysanthemum is a marvellous product, suitable for a wide range of applications. I always love working with mums.” 


"The extensive range of colours and their long shelf time make chrysanthemums an ideal plant for projects indoors and outdoors. I work with ball-shaped chrysanthemums for events, trade fairs and terrace decoration. Special designs such as plant sculptures are no problem at all for mums, since the pot is small compared to the plant’s volume. I can’t imagine a late summer without the warm colours of the beautiful chrysanthemums on

my terrace. Clients are sometimes – wrongly – reluctant to use chrysanthemums. In that case, I persuade them by showing what a wide range of possibilities mums offer thanks to their numerous positive qualities. As a trump card, I use the argument that in Japan the chrysanthemum is a flower commanding respect. The circle on the Japanese flag actually symbolises the chrysanthemum. Time and again, clients are extremely satisfied with the result, thanks to the robust and beautiful chrysanthemum.


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