Belgian Mums bring colour into your life!

It is a fact that Belgian Mums… are colourful. Every collection tells an elaborate story in all its colourful details and smells and there is always one that suits each personality and enhances each décor and patio.  

Lifestyle collections with lots of personality  


Belgian Mums proudly integrate many collections of exclusive chrysanthemum breeds within its collections, providing passionate explosions of colour.


Start browsing the first exclusive collections.



Hey Soulsister! 


We are very proud to present you our latest creation: the Jazzy Soulsisters. These jazzy sisters are super cute and come in six bright colours: yellow, pink, purple, red, orange and white. These mini Mums are available in a size 13 pot or smaller and are perfectly suitable for obscured cultivation.


In order to entice customers to purchase, this jazzy family comes with some hip point-of-sales items. Cultivators can choose to offer the Soulsisters to their customers in a small pot with a cover and/or with a leaflet containing girly stickers and catchy quotes mounted on a stick.


The Jazzy Soulsisters feel completely at home either outdoors or indoors. They are the ideal decoration to add that extra touch of colour and style to your kitchen, living room, workspace, …  In a nutshell, they give every space that swinging vibe.

Pure Primo - Hello! Meet ‘Pistache’ en ‘Sunny’

For all hay fever sufferers, the pure and pollen-free collection 'Pure Primo' is a dream come true.  The trendy flowers of Pistache and Sunny are real eye catchers that effortlessly blend in with the style of timeless interiors and gardens.  


Their lime coloured flower centre makes the hearts of those who love the fresh, fruity and bright colours instantly beat faster. Are you in need of a little sun and optimism? Choose the Belgian Mums Pure Primo collection.

Artful Amarena’ – Hi! Discover Orange, Pink & Purple


If you prefer abundance and vividness, then the Artful Amarena collection is the very thing for you. A collection that stands out by its anemone shaped flowers with an intense and beautifully rich coloured centre. Go for more glitter and glamour! The 3 colours, orange, pink and purple, are a perfect match.  

You can mix and match them on your patio or window sill to your heart's delight. With Artful Amarena you can create an even greater wow-factor!



Keep an eye on the new Belgian Mum collections here! Do you want more? Then visit our website where you will find a lot of Mum inspiration.

Dazzling Aduro – Here are the intense Aduros!


The Dazzling Aduro collection is characterized by its very own color palette. The striking Aduros with a flower diameter of 5 cm in conspicuous violet and orange already existed. Pink and red are new variants. This impressive Mum lasts long and is an intense eye-catcher with a dark crop.

The Dazzling Aduros radiate heat and provide a solid stripe of color both indoors and outdoors. Due to the extremely long shelf life, you can enjoy this unique Belgian Mum up to six weeks.

Magnetic Amiko - Get to know the Amikos!


Magnetic Amikos are a symbol of irresistible beauty. This Belgian Mum has a large flower with a diameter of up to six cm and is available in a wide variety of colors. You will definitely extend the summer with these Amikos, because you can enjoy them for no less than six weeks.

Who falls for the charm of the Amikos? You can use them to add some atmosphere to your living room, kitchen,… or bring some flower power to your outdoor spaces.