The story

Golden genetics


To be able to fully understand the Belgian Mums brand, it is important to go back to its roots. The brand name Belgian Mums is a creation that originated in the very "heart" of Gediflora, a company full of energy emanating from West Flemish soil.

The name is Mum 


The name Mum is an abbreviation of the English word ‘chrysanthemum’ and the addition of ‘Belgian’ refers to the Belgian roots of the parent company Gediflora. The Belgian MUMS brand is a golden combination of unique genetics, rigorous selection and daring creativity.  


The slogan of the parent company consists of 6 key words 

Dream, Discover, Dare, Do, Do better and …Go on!

A ball full of ambition and good humour  


Belgian Mums, of Belgian origin, are full of ambition and good humour. They add that little extra elegance to your décor whether it be on the windowsill, on the patio or in the garden. Discover our ball

shaped chrysanthemums and their unparalleled range of colours.   


“Belgian MUMS, add colour to your life and show who you are.”


Belgian MUMS is a timeless product which has been developed over time with great skill. A unique 'life style' chrysanthemum breed. By people, for people, that is what it's all about. Belgian MUMS is a symbol of true life in order to inspire real people like you and me.  

Be Mum, Be More


The motto holds a wonderful commitment in combination with an assertive challenge. ‘Be MUM, Be MORE’ invites customers to get the best out of themselves every day and to keep in mind that there is something more in every one of us …