Tips & Tricks

Get the most out of your chrysanthemum. If you give your Mum plant a little love and some pampering, you will certainly be able to enjoy the colourful blooms of your Mum ball-shaped plant for 6 weeks.   

Buy your Mum at the beginning of September and you will have a wonderful Indian Summer


The flowering period of most Mums starts at the beginning of September. The sooner you purchase the chrysanthemum, the longer you can enjoy a colourful terrace or interior. The ideal way to extend the summer with a few weeks. 

Be Mum, Be More

Choose a flower pot you like. Make sure it fits your patio/interior as well as the Mum. Place your chrysanthemum in the pot and look for a nice place where the Mum can work its magic or give the chrysanthemum as a gift to share the magic with someone else.


Belgian Mums are real sun lovers!

Your chrysanthemum is a real sun lover and requires a lot of sun. Place your Belgian Mum plant in a room with sufficient light, near a window or outside in the sun. 



A Belgian Mum plant is undemanding and withstands some drought, without the root ball dehydrating completely. 


Give your Mum plant a little water on a regular basis. In moderation!

Because a Belgian Mum doesn't like wet soil.


Never allow the bottom of the plant to stand in water.


No need for additional fertilizers

Additional fertilizers are not necessary.  A Belgian Mum plant has enough Mum power and sufficient backup fertilizer is present in order to allow the plant to flower over a long period. 


Mums don't like wet soil 

Just like you and me, Mums don't like wind nor rain. When placed outside choose a sheltered location with sufficient sunlight. In frosty weather conditions, it is best to keep your Belgian Mum indoors.


Do you want to have enjoyment from your Belgian Mum plant for some years?

Then cut off the branches which have finished flowering just above the flower pot. 

For some time only water a little occasionally. See tip 6 below.


New life

New Mum shoots will develop. They are the basis of new Mum life.


We recommend repotting the plant. Remove part of the old roots. 

Fill the pot with new potting soil. 

See tip 7 below.


Grow again with love 

Hooray! When new shoots have developed, it is best to add some fertilizer when watering. 


Regularly prune the new shoots, so as to develop sufficient branching.  


Mum power!

And then there is once again enough Mum power… to enjoy!